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Stock Rules

******You do not have to ask our permission to use our work, please use it then send us a message, comment, or note******

We reserve the right to change these rules as the need arises. All prior rules are null and void, and any artwork using our images must abide by these rules.

Non-Commercial Work:

1 - This stock is first and foremost an artistic resource meant to be used for creative projects here on Deviant Art. You have free reign to use our stock as you wish, and you do not have to ask permission before you start. Our only rule is that you credit us on the finished piece, and then comment on the original stock that you have used our work. You have carte blanche to do with our stock as you wish within these rules.

2 - If you wish to use our work off DA, then please create your work first, post it on DA, post it onto your blog, FB page, or website, then send us a comment on the original stock with a link to both the DA and offiste piece. Failure to post your original piece on DA will result in us asking the site moderator to pull the image from the site you have posted it onto. This is non-negociable. Off DA, please credit Random Acts for the stock, and link to www,

3 - We reserve the right to request you remove our stock from your work if we believe your art infringes good taste and decency, though given how broad our that is it is very unlikely we will ask you to do so (we haven't done so yet in the entire time we have been on DA).

4 - If you do watermark your work, please use a discrete watermark, as we like to see the finished pieces.

5 - We reserve the right to use any art that uses our stock to promote our photography on any Random Acts related site. We will always notify you before doing so, and any use of your art will be strictly non-commercial.

6 - Selling of prints of your work on DA does not count as commerical work, and you may use our stock as you wish within the confines of this site.

Commercial work

1 - Any commercial use, including work created for free for use outside of Deviant Art, must be authorised by us prior to our stock being used. Please email us at to discuss what you wish to do, and please do not send a note on DA. as we cannot guarantee you will get a swift response.

2 - We reserve the right to charge for use of our stock in a commerical context, and we take each request on a case-per-case basis.

3 - If we charge you for use of the stock we accpet either direct bank transfer in the UK or PayPal for the rest of the world. We will bear any charges incurred.

4 - If you wish to use our work commercially and need a larger file size we have a library of all our work from which we can pull any image, so please direct any such requests through Rachel at the above email address.

5 - When doing a commerical credit, please credit Random Acts, linking to www,

Rachel's handy tips for stock artists

Rachel's rules for budding stock artists:

1) First and foremost - will an artist want to use this stock?
There is no point in spending 10 hours shooting some wonderful images if no-one is going to use this. The best way to guage if the stock is going to be useful is to have a quick look at other stockists sites. If in doubt post it anyway, but only post a small selection to guage the reaction to that stock series.

2) Has it been done to death?
This one is slightly controversial as there are many things (such as skies and fire) that you will have your own take on. Of course take a picture of bonfires, lakes, trees etc, but bare in mind the first rule - if there is a lot of stock for that area already, will anyone use or notice your stock?

This is a major bugbear of mine - I love stock, I use stock, I make stock - but I really hate it when people spend time and energy (and occasionally money) to make stock, only to post a bad image. This again relates to the first rule - no-one is going to use your stock if it is badly shot, editted, or poorly framed.

4) Specialise
This is a bit rich coming from me as I have a huge gallery full of all sorts, but honestly if you are starting out it is better to be known for great images in one area, than okay images in all areas.

5) Use a good camera
This is a tricky one - a good camera costs money, but it is worth it. I use my own stock in my own art, and I am very picky over what stock I use - a good camera enables me to get the shot I want when I want it. A good camera will also elevate a good shot into a fantastic shot (with practice).

6) Practice, practice, practice
And practice again. Take 100's of pictures of absolutely everything - and see what sticks. At first it is okay to break rules 1,2,and 4 until you get the hang of things, but with practice you will be able to see what works, and what doesn't. I have taken over 12,000 images this year, and only posted 1,000 - that's about 1 in 12 of my total portfolio. I try and take pictures everyday in order to get the best images at the right time.

7) If you are using a model feel the passion
This is hard to do - the best trick is to do some warm up pictures first, and get the model enthused for the shoot. Whenever I model I always try to be as dynamic as possible, and the by-product of this is stock that looks alive and passionate.

8) Watch other stockists
Add stock artists you like to your watch list - they will help you learn and develop, as well as give you a better understanding of what other artists are after.

9) Have fun
This is an important element of stock photography - if you don't enjoy it the pictures will show your mood. If you don't feel like taking any pictures then don't.

10) Prune
Finally... prune your gallery every so often. I am guilty of not doing this, though I do like the little four figure number by the number of images in my gallery on the front page. Pruning helps weed out the older stock which isn't being used, or you feel is of a poorer quality than you other stock. It also helps artists navigate through your gallery faster.

Well I hope these help, and if you have any comments please note me, or leave a comment.
Sometimes it can be quite hard not to squee when dealing with people you really admire. There are a lot of artists I would pay very good money to work with, some of whom I have the pleasure of working with on my current project, and when I do actually get to work with them I really have to make the effort to reign in my inner fan girl. You know that feeling you get when you meet someone you really admire, the burbling brook of incessant talk, the inability to string together two sentences that remotely link, you know...

I suppose this is one of the things that I have learnt developing my current project, learning how to take that inner fan girl and dial her down from ten to two, to act professionally, and treat these wonderful artists are fellow professionals rather than people I have put on a pedestal. There are still moments when I get that rush of excitement when someone says yes to my approach to work with them, and I would be a liar if I didn't say that I am not thrilled at the prospect of seeing their finished art; but at the same time I also gain a deeper appreciation for them as a person and colleague through the creative process.


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